Colorado Springs

What a gorgeous place! We went hiking on so many trails and found some great sights. The weather was lovely for the most part, although it did get down to freezing!

While in CO, we went to Florrisant Fossil Beds and we got our Junior Ranger Badges and Paleontologist badges. Manitou Springs Penny Arcade was loads of fun and we could have spent hours playing Speed of Light! Ever tried Oatmeal Cookie flavored ice cream? It is DELICIOUS!

Sky Zone is jumping with fun (wink wink). We did flips into the foam pit and dunked some basketballs. It is a serious work out though and we were exhausted afterwards. Another cool thing for anyone in Colorado Springs to do is Dart Warz. It is a Nerf gun battlefield with obstacles and everything. We split up into two teams and joined forces with other players to destroy the other team. One shot, you’re out! Jeff’s strategy was to run to the other team’s side and shoot as many people as he could before he got shot. The rest of us were more focused on hiding. Dart Warz was our favorite thing in Colorado Springs.

Hey, is it #TransformationTuesday ? While we were staying at the AF Academy FamCamp we recreated a picture of us with our old RV from 2008.


Iz- Age 8      Nix- Age 5      Dog- Shastattuesday


Next Stop: Grand Junction, CO


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