We had one spectacular week in Moab! We have never been to Utah before and were totally surprised at how beautiful this state is! The drive down from Grand Junction was very scenic.

Our first stop in Moab was at Canyonlands National Park. We took two hikes – Mesa Arch and Whale Rock. Mesa Arch was a short mile or so, and it led us to an unbelievable rock arch complete with a view of the area. We learned all about the flora in Canyonlands like the Juniper, Prickly Pear Cactus, Mormon Tea, and the Yucca which we saw on our most of our hikes.

utah-7 utah-6

Whale Rock was an even shorter hike, taking us up onto a large rock (as big as a whale) with another great view of Canyonlands. It was slightly overcast but it was just that right temperature for hiking.

Next, we made our way over to Arches National Park. We were 4 of the 1.2 million people to visit the park each year. While in the Visitors Center, we met a family of 6 traveling in a trailer. The fulltimers (for a year) were from Canada and were also earning their Junior Ranger badges. The park says that they have around two thousand arches – no wonder it is called Arches National Park.

We had a picnic lunch by Balanced Rock – a rock defying gravity. The next hike we did took us to three different arches. Found some deer or sheep tracks along the path which was very exciting. Around three quarters in, storm clouds started moving closer but we managed to take shelter before the rain got too heavy.

utah-4 utah-3 utah-2 utah-1

A day in between parks left us time to bake cookies and test out our RV convection oven. Oh, the gooey goodness of a fresh out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookie. We also made some oatmeal bars.

Another day at Arches and Canyonlands! Went exploring on a trail that led to a drop-dead (pun intended) gorgeous canyon. Driving in we spotted our first coyote running across the road. We also visited Newspaper Rock – a rock with Ute Native American petroglyphs, also known as rock carvings.


Utah, you are unbelievably beautiful. If you have never been, we strongly recommend it. The colors and rock formations are just breathtaking. Who would have ever guessed what a gem this state is?


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