Bryce Canyon & Zion

WE HIKED THE HOODOOS! Got the pins to prove it too. And the pics. Bryce Canyon is our favorite National Park so far with its unreal hoodoos, spires, and canyons. We went all the way to the bottom and saw a rock formation that closely resembled a queen, crown and all. The way back up lead through a crazy canyon and a view of Thor’s Hammer (What? No Chris Hemsworth?!). utah-10

utah-13 utah-9 utah-11

I was experimenting with sun glares! What do you think?

utah-16 utah-14 utah-12

After the sun went down and the moon came out we became astronomers! The park rangers set up some telescopes so we got to see Mars, Mercury, and some other stars as well as a nebula and a dieing star (we think).


WE HIKED THE NARROWS! No pin this time… or pictures really. The hike was along Virgin River and went through the Narrows, a “narrow” canyon. We had to walk through the freezing water at some parts, the deepest part was roughly three feet deep. The best part? Either finding a tarantula or playing with clay.

Our RV spot in Zion had some Social Nights so we played (and won) Bingo, had root beer floats and ice cream, and danced to 60s music. We were parked right next to the river and found some strange tracks. Did anyone else get up for the red moon? We did but were disappointed by the cloudy skies blocking our view of the moon. Guess we will have to try again next time.


NEXT STOP: Las Vegas, NV


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