Oxnard, San Luis Obispo, & Phoenix

After San Diego, we drove up to Oxnard. Beautiful beaches and places to take our holiday card photos. Enjoyed a Thanksgiving turkey on the Navy Base after four hours of Pre-Pig Out Workout (”Sun’s out! Guns out! Work them buns out!”) so we wouldn’t feel guilty 😉
Parked the RV in San Luis Obispo while we drove up to visit old friends in Monterey. We reminisced in the old times when we lived there back in 2008. Had lots of wonderful Thai food, went ice skating, and went to a mini festival.
We arrived in Oxnard again, staying in the same RV park. Using the tickets I won during the Navy Turkey Trot, we went to Universal Studios. They were all decorated for the holidays with a Grinchmas theme. We transformed into minions from Despicable Me, escaped the Mummy, were chased by dinosaurs, saved by Transformers and King Kong, and toured the studio. It was a fantastic experience!

10525919_10204419759167889_987340007376954060_n 1743527_10204610539097268_9068402690533634390_n 10857806_10204610539137269_7940735381350577443_n 10850005_10204610539177270_5086531837609221120_n 1545990_10204610539217271_393928574572221704_n 10429261_10204610539057267_8052164658231774623_n
The holiday season finally caught up to us on the road when we parked Rolling Joy at Desert’s Edge RV Park in Phoenix, Arizona. With all their fun, festive get-togethers and decorated RVs, it was hard not to feel the Christmas spirit. We even tried to join in and put up some lights, a tiny tree, and paper snowflakes.
Thanks to RVillage.com we met a family RVing full time for a year. They were super fun to hang out with (whether it be swimming, playing cards and games, or Minecraft-ing) and we hope to possibly meet up with them again (find their blog here). We also became good friends with two families from Canada (one of whom we met up with again TWICE later in our travels).
When Saint Nick came to town, he left some scooters wrapped under the tree that were a big hit. Nixie and I used them to get everywhere in the park after that #travelinginstyle
We had a “redo Thanksgiving dinner” at our friend Sandra’s house with some of the best cookies in the world! We had a wonderful Christmas in Arizona!

We hope you had a Happy Holiday Season!


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