2015 So Far

After 2 more weeks in Phoenix, we drove down to Tuscon and then made a quick trip to drop us girls off at our grandma’s in New Mexico and so we could see our dad, step-mom, and new baby brother. I got to spend my birthday with them… (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!)

When we came back, we stayed in Tuscon for a bit and went to the Biodome 2 as well as the San Xavier Mission.


Rolling Joy needed some work done so we dropped her off and stayed with Sandra in Phoenix. We played Nertz every single night!

After the RV was fixed we headed to the Lazy Days KOA (Tucson) where Jeff’s brother and sister came to visit for a few days from Seattle. We had a great time at the pool with some Eegee’s (local slushies that are the best). We took them hiking at Saguaro National Park. We also went to Kartchner Caverns State Park!

We met another wonderful family on RVillage.com with three girls the same age as us. The adults had fun hot tubbing during Happy Hour while us kids Minecrafted together (You can find their blog here).
Also while in Tucson, Nix and I got our braces checked and I have decided I want to be an orthodontist! I got to shadow a dentist while some people in the family (they will go anonymous for now) got fillings in their cavities. I also saw the equipment they use, a cleaning, a night guard being fit, x-rays, and two crowns- one being fit and the other being cemented. It was great to observe!


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