the Family

Aloha! I am a certified health coach (visit my website or my Facebook page), and uschooling mother of two. You can find me in my RV doing pushups or posting about pushups on Facebook. Or I might be Pinteresting (follow me?), Plants vs Zombie-ing, or teaching my kids. The best part about RVing would be staying away from winter. I prefer the nice summer breeze compared to the frigid winter weather.

Retired and loving it! I am the caravan driver and man of the house (err, I mean RV). I play video games, swim in Masters, read, and fix things. RVing is great because we meet so many fun and exciting new people. I think in the first two days of RVing I met more cool people by our campground than I had in two years in our old neighborhood.

I’m a traveling teen that loves photography and programming. I take and edit most of the pics for Classroom Caravan, as well as write some of the posts. I am also in charge of graphic design and social media because of computer skills. Most of the time I am either behind a computer or a camera, but I might be walking Gizmo or playing quidditch at Hogwarts.

Bonjour! I’m Nixie and I LOVE FASHION! Fashion is my passion. I love making different color combos, outfits, and sewing. The best thing about fashion are the accessories- can’t live without them. Right now, I am trying the minimalist fashion, since we’ll be in an RV. Besides fashion I also like swimming, ballroom dancing, and Minecraft. The coolest thing about me is my unique sense of style and my funny personality.

Named after the gremlin, Gizmo is our furry friend who should not be fed after midnight. She is a fluffy Papillion who is great at hide and go seek in the hallway, loves sneaking dirty laundry out of the basket and on rare occasions, you might find her smiling a somewhat freaky, toothy smile.




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