Coming Soon: Iz & Nix review learning apps and websites. Will be updated soon!


No not for your kids! But for you… Join some homeschool groups and follow some pages. You never know what you will find. Social media groups are a great way to find to new and trending websites for teaching and/or learning.


Online Library

Go to your local library and find out how to get online to their website. Often you will find cool articles and learning games. Visit your local library for more information.

Dragon Box

Dragon Box is an amazing app that teaches algebra in a game sort of way. I highly recommend it. There is a fee but I find it really worth it. Dragon Box teaches algebra in the sneakiest way that makes kids learn without even knowing it! FIVE STARS!dragonbox.resources.8
Dragon Box for 5+
Dragon Box for 12+


Coursera is great for learning. They have interactive videos, quizzes and tests, and much more. Of course each class is going to be different but over all it is easy to use and very educational. Coursera offers over 700 different courses from calculus to nutrition. You are sure to find a class for your kid, and possibly yourself!


Crash Course

Crash Course has great content for World History, American History, and Literature (all taught by John Green) as well as videos on biology, psychology, and ecology (taught by Hank Green). They offer quick 10 to 15 minute educational clips with cute little animations for free. Click here to check them out on YouTube.


TED Ed has some great lessons. Izzy really enjoys watching their photography and visual design lessons while Nix likes to use it for science. However you use it, the site is easy to use, full of interesting videos and lessons, and awesome for learning. See an example below of just one of their lessons or visit their site and join for free at

ted ed


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